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2022 trends:The Future ofLife at Home

The home itself now plays a much more important role in daily life. As such, the products with which we furnish our surroundings hold great power. As householders and families craft new post-pandemic behaviours, the home will need to function in a broader sense, accommodating home working and socialising but also providing a much needed place of safety.

Join Trend Bible’s forecast for 2022 as they interrogate the social, economic and emotional impact of the pandemic on the future of life at home. Discover how householders and families will be relaxing, decorating, entertaining, dining and playing and how to confidently bring these trends to life in your business.

Trend Bible are a global futures agency and the authority in predicting the future of life at home. We work collaboratively with the world’s best brands helping them seize tomorrow’s opportunities.
If it can be done in, or to, the home – we’re already tracking weak signs of upcoming shifts in taste and habit around the world. Whether it’s the future of eating, decorating, playing, celebrating or bringing up children, we apply our expertise to develop those signals into strong and simple trend forecasts that create commercially successful products which connect with future audiences and stay true to brand.

Naomi Pollard

Naomi Pollard, Head of Home & Interiors, Trend Bible

Naomi Pollard directs trend consultancy services in the home décor and built environment sectors. She advises some of the world’s biggest and most recognised retailers, brands, architects and design agencies to help them use future insights to inform all their strategic design and marketing decisions.
As well as working one-on-one with clients, Naomi regularly contributes to Trend Bible’s publishing and seminar programs, addressing a broad range of audiences about trends in home and family life as well as interior decoration. Naomi is quoted as an authority on trends and is regularly cited by the BBC and The Telegraph.

April 27th 2021

13.00 / 1PM — 15.00 / 3PM
Danish time / GMT + 1h

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