Media kit

Here are the formats and prices for advertising in the Danish Industry Magazines TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends and 365DESIGN .


One page
220 x 280 mm

Including online banner 300×250 px


Back cover
220 x 280 mm

Including online banner 300×250 px


440 x 280 mm

Including online banner 300×250 px


1/2 page portrait
85 x 250 mm

Including online banner 300×250 px


The ads are printed on silk paper (coated). The ad on the back cover is printed on uncoated paper.
All ads should be delivered as a high resolution PDF in CMYK with 3 mm bleed to: [email protected]
Regarding stitching, inserts etc., please contact the sales department for individual offers: [email protected]
Prices are based on 100 percent finished material, delivered according to the technical specifications.
Where corrections to the material are required, these will be incorporated time permitting and where technically possible. Hourly rate €110.


Billboard banner
1200 x 600 px
Max. 200 KB

1 week / €1,075

Side banner
300 x 250 px
Max. 150 KB

12 months / €2,420
6 months / €1,615
3 months / €945
1 month / €542

Newsletter banner
600 x 200 px
Max. 150 KB

Top / €175
Middle / €162
Bottom / €150

Online banners must be delivered in jpg og gif format with link to destination.
Animation: 30 sec. Loop: Max 3. Streaming: 60 sec.


Word doc.: Max. 2400 characters
Images: jpg-format – width min. 1200 px


Deadline is 5 days before advertorial start.
Specified characters are with spacing.
Price is €800 if our editorial staff will be doing the interview and writing.

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The ads should meet the technical criteria. See above for more specifications.

Send al the material to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Terms & conditions

Invoicing on date of publication: 8 days net.
Invoice fee: €10,3
Reservations made for strikes, lockouts and force majeure.


Please respect the deadline for delivering ad material. See deadline on the specifik media on either TØJ – Fashion & Business Trends or 365DESIGN.

Where help is needed for editing the ad material, the price is €108 per hour.