pej trend

pej trend is exclusive scandinavian trend forecasting books, and is the most widely known and best sold seasonal trend material in Scandinavia. The trend materials are for both designers, purchasers and marketing and cover both design, lifestyle, fashion and interior.

24 months ahead of season

pej first colour

pej first colour is the worlds earliest trend material for the lifestyle industries. It is published 24 months ahead of the the actual season, and is targeted the many creatives who need a very early indications of the seasonal colours.

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17 months ahead of season

pej forecast

pej forecast focuses on colours, materials, zeitgeist and is targeted professionals within fashion, interior, accessories and the design/advertising industry. The trend book provides inspiration in colours, colour combinations, surfaces, moods, structures and qualities.

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12 months ahead of season

pej colour

pej colour is a colour card and is the basic trend material needed by industries like ladies fashion, mens fashion, kids fashion, sport, lingerie, interior textiles, interior, paint, gifts, packaging, graphic etc.

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12 months ahead of season

pej toolbox

pej toolbox is the ultimate trend material for those working with trends, concepts, collections and products. The trend book offers inspiration, trends and colours for the lifestyle industries and is very detailed in the seasonal direction provided.

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