pej toolboxaw 20/21

An amazing toolbox

pej toolbox is the ultimate forecasting trend box for trend development, collection development and product development. The trend book offers inspiration, trends and colours for the lifestyle business.

pej toolbox AW 20/21

What you get

  • 4 trend stories/colour directions
  • Spirit of time and consumers overview
  • Colour matrix
  • Colour combinations
  • Colour translations of all the colours to Pantone® TCX, Pantone® C as well as Pantone® CMYK
  • Inspiration images
  • Colour and material stylings
  • Handmade details
  • Focus inspiration for each theme
  • USB with digital material

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An amazing toolbox - 12 months before the season

This is a tool for trends, colours and communication. The trend book can be used as a communication tool, to convey lifestyle tendencies, colours, stories, materials etc. pej toolbox is used as a company tool across the companies departments, by designers, buyers, sales, manufacturers and marketing people.